Post-Valentine’s Day Post

The letter E

I thought I’d share a Valentine’s Day card I gave to my wife yesterday that combined 6 typefaces to make something eclectic but interesting. The card is an accordian fold with seven 5 x 5 inch panels, printed on an Epson inkjet on a heavy, uncoated paper.

I used Bodoni Poster, Clarendon Roman, Glypha Black, ITC Cheltenham Handtooled Bold, Copperplate Gothic Bold and Insignia Roman. You can see I made some modifications and added some ornaments so that it feels like a Valentine’s Day card. I kept all of the weight and the size of the letterforms similar to create some unity. The heavier weights allowed me to add some details inside the letterforms. I chose some heart symbols from Zapf Dingbats, as well as some arrows (to imply Cupid).

Letter BLetter ELetter MLetter ILetter N

The letter E



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