Poster Details: Bogie and Bacall

Bogart and Bacall

Rosewood + Trade Gothic

[ Rosewood Fill + Trade Gothic LT Std Bold Condensed with Adobe Wood Type Ornaments ]

Bogie. Probably the only leading man able to overshadow Lauren Bacall’s beauty. After starring together in To Have and Have Not (Bacall’s first movie), they married in 1946 when she was 20 and he was 45. Over the years they appeared together in 4 movies (including Key Largo) and were happily married for 13 years until Bogart died of lung cancer in 1957.

This type combination tries to mirror how well they complimented each other. Rosewood’s ornateness is a great foil to the quiet, readable Trade Gothic. Linotype commissioned Jackson Burke to create Trade Gothic for newspapers, including display text and classified ads from 1948–1960. Rosewood hails from the wood typefaces of the 1800s, and was inspired by a design in 1874 from William Page. It is thick, unique and commanding, not unlike Humphrey Bogart. In comparison, the beautiful willowy letterforms of Trade Gothic seem to reflect some of the qualities of Lauren Bacall. Together, they form a dynamic and intriguing duo, just like “Steve” and “Slim” from Key Largo.

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Sources: Trade Gothic, Rosewood

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