Weekly Combo: Brothers + Matrix

Brothers and Matrix typefaces

Matrix II Italic Bold & Brothers Regular

Last week I combined Vendetta with Brothers, or more specifically Vendetta Light & Brothers Bold. This week, I’ve combined Matrix II Italic Bold with Brothers Regular. The contrast of the curvilinear forms in Matrix seem to compliment the sharp serifs and rectilinear forms in Brothers. The similarity in the weights of the strokes ties them together. The other element that creates some unity is that there is a “boldness and daring“ in the letterforms of each typeface (see Emigre’s design info for Brothers).

Again, these typefaces were released by Emigre. John Downer designed Brothers in 1999, while Zuzana Licko designed Matrix in 1986. In fact, Matrix was Emigre’s first postscript typeface. For more information about the design of Matrix, log onto Emigre’s site.

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