Holiday Type, part 2 of 3

Merry Christmas

Part 2 of 3

Our first entry showed an example of detailed elegance. Today we tackle elegant simplicity.

Above is Caecilia LT Std  followed by Adobe Garamond Pro italic. These compliment each other nicely with the italic adding some subtle curves and energy. I created a border out of some characters from the typeface Zapf Dingbats. If you aren’t familiar with them, this “typeface” is actually a set of symbols. From check marks to snowflakes (shown below), this diverse set is quite useful. And it was designed by the renowned Hermann Zapf. I made the scale of the snowflakes quite small so that they don’t overpower the type. The dots in between the snowflakes and the changes in color of the dots create a subtle liveliness to the border. You’ll notice I’ve used the same colors in the type to tie everything together.

On some other pieces I’ve designed, I’ve used the snowflakes from Zapf Dingbats as a base. I’ve then added more elements to make the snowflakes more ornate and interesting.

Snow Flakes

Red snowflakes = Zapf Dingbats. Green = Jim’s modifications.

Beautifully simple type and some subtle borders work together to create an elegant but simple look.

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