Weekly Combo: Dobra + Jeanne

Dobra and Jeanne Moderno

Dobra and Jeanne Moderno

The distinct sans serif, Dobra, has asked out the beautiful serif (with Bodoni undertones), Jeanne Moderno. Dobra’s sturdy book weight provides a wonderful constrast with the hairline finishing strokes of Jeanne. There are also some wonderful similarities. Compare the “d” from Dobra and the “e” from Jeanne, for instance. Or the “o” and “a” from Dobra and Jeanne respectively. The outer contours are very similar in structure, which builds some strong continuity between the typefaces. Both are recent additions to the typographic world with Dobra completed in 2009 by Dino dos Santos and Jeanne Moderno likewise finished in 2009 by Steve Mehallo. Jeanne would look great as display text with Dobra a fine compliment for the body text. Could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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